Get to know Faith

Vision and Mission

Vision is who we are - by Faith.
Mission is where we are headed - by Faith.
Come join us!

Vision: A Family of Faith

 We are not only members of the family of God, but also members of the church family.  We receive and love one another as family, by faith.

Vision: Connected by Faith

We are learning, growing, and sharing as we connect to one another in relationship. We choose to live life together, in a bond of faith.

Vision: Committed by Faith

 We are anchored to God's purpose in our lives, both individually and as a church.  We are committed, by faith, to helping each other achieve the full stature of the measure of Christ.

On Mission by Faith

To teach, equip, and provide an environment for saints to glorify God by fulfilling their callings in our church and in the community.  All of this is to be done in the atmosphere of... Family - Connected - Committed - by Faith.